I’ve been writing all my life, from the unpublished (and best left so!) Star Wars novel I wrote in a spiral notebook when I was twelve, to the story based on a Role Playing character I wrote at 25, to years of fantastic interactive storytelling online.  Now? I’ve turned my creative mind to writing short stories and novels!

I’m a homeschooling mom of four, with a degree in Liberal Arts (emphasis on Spanish Literature). I’ve worked in jobs as varied as fast food, to clothing stories, to Internet startups. Now I’m at home raising and teaching my children, and writing in my spare time. I do tell my children abridged (very abridged and edited) versions of my stories, and they like them just as much as I hope you will….just for different reasons.


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  1. bittenbyparanormalromance says:


    I am a homeschool mom also. I love finding homeschool moms. This is my last year – my daughter will graduate! Woohoo! Anyhow, I just saw your book Pirate’s Treasure on allromanceebooks. and had to check it out. I couldn’t find you on goodreads, so I searched out your name and found you here. I can’t wait to try your book soon, I just have to get caught up on my request first. I love Pirates!


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